Supporting Your Wellness Journey with a Health Station

  • One team member’s account of trialling the health station.

    “Physical wellbeing is one part of our Scentre Group lifestyle program that’s aimed at supporting all of our team members and making Scentre Group a place where talent can thrive,” says Antonia Farthing, National Remuneration and Human Resources Information System Manager.

    To support team members’ personal wellness journeys we installed a health station in our support office for three months during the year.

    It was a self-service machine that gave results for weight, body fat percentage, heart rate, body mass index, blood pressure and diabetes risk in just four minutes. Results were instantly available on screen, and emailed directly to staff, allowing them to sign up to a customised activity planner and meal planner based on the results. The ‘check in’ function also allowed people to track their progress against the health marker at regular intervals over the three-month period.

    "Often having the time to focus on your own wellness is a challenge in itself."

    Antonia Farthing, National Remuneration & Human Resources Information System Manager

    “Often taking the first step and having the time to focus on your own wellness is a challenge in itself,” says Antonia, “and we hope that providing the health station and its customised programs available encouraged our people to all start living – and feeling – better.

     “So I step up to the machine. It’s lunchtime and I feel a bit weird with my fellow colleagues casually lunching while I strip off my jumper as directed by the machine, but like a kid mesmerised by the TV, my shyness quickly disappears as I enter the world of health stats.

    “The machine is really easy to use, in fact my height and weight are measured before I actually realise that’s why I’ve been asked to stand up and stare straight ahead!

    “I follow the instructions through to the end, answering all of the questions honestly (for the record, no, I do not consider myself an ‘athlete’).

    “As someone who’s never been overly concerned about weight and, luckily, never had any serious health issues, I wouldn’t consider going to my GP for a check-up like this, but having it in the office and it only taking four minutes of my time, I figure there’s no reason not to use it. If it shows all my results as I expect them to be, then great, and if it shows something I’m not aware of then I’m in a better position to address it.

    “It was really interesting to see the results and immediately understand from the on-screen information what the full ranges are and how I fall into them. I’m looking forward to receiving my results via email and exploring the customised meal planner and activity options.

    “I’ve been considering making some lifestyle changes recently and with the health station in the office, I can see the benefit of being able to ‘check in’ and track my progress against actual health markers as opposed to the dreaded weighing scales, and the customised planners will provide me (someone with no idea where to start) with a great starting point and no excuses left!

    This is another example why Scentre Group is a fantastic place to work.”

    All Scentre Group employees using the health station were advised that before making any significant changes or decisions, they should carefully consider their individual circumstances and where appropriate seek professional advice.

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