The Sustainable Business Framework

  • The Sustainable Business Framework identifies our sustainability guiding principles and material issues. It helps the Group ensure that its sustainability practices contribute to creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities.

    Material sustainability issues were identified through a rigorous materiality assessment process as those being of highest importance to our internal and external stakeholders.

    Our Sustainable Business Framework guides us in the continuous improvement of our business and in fulfilling our purpose by creating assets aligned with customer and community expectations. A sustainable business is also about improving the quality of our portfolio by creating resilient assets that operate optimally, while reducing risks and maintaining value over the long-term.

    Through internal and external communications, Scentre Group continues to demonstrate that we are aware of key drivers for sustainability performance. We are working towards improving performance by implementing the recommendations of the Sustainable Business Roadmap, and raising awareness throughout the organisation and among our stakeholders, in line with our Sustainable Business Framework and objectives.

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Our approach