Getting on Board at Scentre Group

  • Thanks to some new technology, getting on board at Scentre Group has never been easier.

    In 2017 we took our process for bringing on board new employees to the next level, with the introduction of the Enboarder system.

    Enboarder has been designed to streamline the critical path of an employee’s first 12 months with us, providing a seamless experience that transitions a new candidate from recruitment through to commencement and beyond. Messages are delivered via text to their mobile in the lead up to ‘Day 1’ with the company, through to the end of their first 12 months with Scentre Group.

    A range of highly-engaging multimedia content is linked to each text message, providing employees with everything they need to know when starting their new role.

    Throughout the on-boarding journey, Enboarder ‘checks in’ with new employees as well as their managers, collecting real-time feedback on their experiences, connection between the manager and employee, and also invites suggestions on what could be improved.

    The ‘Day 1’ induction experience called ‘Scentre Group Welcomes You’ was developed during the year to ensure that all new employees were provided an overview of our company and culture, as well as a comprehensive centre tour demonstrating how all parts of the business come together to deliver the customer experience.

    In addition to the ‘Day 1’ experience, new employees are also invited by Enboarder to attend and participate in the following activities throughout their first three months:

    CEO welcome breakfast: each new employee is now invited to attend a welcome breakfast with the CEO and other key executives in their home state. Designed to connect new employees to the leaders of the business, this event is highly regarded and well received by those who attend.

    Online orientation: a new employee is navigated through the first three months of their time with us supported by an online ‘buddy’ who provides fundamental information to help get them started.

    Team orientation: populated by and kept current by champions within each of our teams, the team orientation is a one-stop-shop for new employees that enables them to quickly integrate into how their local team works and what it delivers.

    Compliance education: called ‘Employee Essentials’, this has been designed to ensure our new employees are aware of, and accept the legal obligations of their employment with us. These online modules cover the code of conduct, behavioural standards, information security, risk management including workplace health and safety, diversity and inclusion (D&I), consumer law and business integrity and governance.

    Inclusive Management Program (IMP): Compulsory for all people managers, this program includes content that explains our D&I agenda and culture, and builds managers’ skills to work with our flexible work policy as well as recognise and mitigate unconscious bias in how they attract, recruit and induct new employees. A total of 493 managers attended the program in 2017.

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