New Waste Initiatives in Newmarket NZ

  • Scentre Group has expanded our retail portfolio into Newmarket in New Zealand, and we were up to the task in solving the new challenges we faced together with our team and partners.

    The redevelopment of Newmarket in New Zealand is set to open in 2019

    The project began construction in October 2017 with bulk earthworks and demolition. During this period, the main waste that was produced was demolition waste, bulk earthworks contaminated soil, and excavated rock. Demolition materials were segregated and recycled where possible, and over 4,000 cubic metres of rock has been crushed for re-use so far.

    By working together with leading waste management, earthworks, demolition, material suppliers, structural engineers and environmental consultants, we managed to recycle concrete, steel, copper, aluminium and other metals in the design and construction project.¬†Darren Ellis, General Manager of Construction New Zealand said “Scentre Group places a focus on working well with contractors, adopting best business practices, and using equipment and materials sustainably.”

    Demolition and bulk earthworks is continuing and expected to complete in May 2018. From there, it is expected we will engage in recycling the majority of the unused steel, concrete and water for the new construction. So far, 79% of all waste from this project has been diverted from traditional landfills.

    There are plans to introduce dedicated plasterboard recycling bins, so that the plasterboard can be recycled into gypsum, which will be on-sold to farmers. Gypsum is a calcium that improves the soil quality for farmers so that their plants can grow better and stronger. There will be dedicated cardboard recycling bins introduced onto the site to sustain the cardboard disposal most importantly during the construction phase. The project will continue to specifically recycle steel and will continue to receive updates from the waste management company that has given Scentre Group an undertaking to maintain strong waste recycling practices.

    The Newmarket development site was historically home to businesses such as lead paint works and bus depots, and this posed a key challenge from a hazardous material risk management perspective. We are continuing to successfully overcome the challenges with contaminated soil from fuels, lead, hydrocarbons and asbestos, by safely extracting then disposing of the waste in accordance with environmental and regulatory requirements.

    "It is important for Scentre Group to minimise waste and increase efficiency to remain competitive, reduce costs, and play our part in the global trend towards sustainability."

    Darren Ellis, General Manager of Construction New Zealand

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