A core element of our sustainable business strategy is to be mindful of preserving resources for future generations. We conduct our business practices with a mindset towards minimising our ecological footprint. We continue to drive waste diversion away from landfill, promote recycling, and maintain our energy intensity alongside our major redevelopment projects such as Westfield Chermside and Whitford City.

Energy & Emissions

In 2017 we continued our efforts to improve energy efficiency. The Group’s operations reflected a year-on-year reduction in electricity consumption by 3% and a decrease in scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2%. This continues the downward trend in reduction of both energy consumption and emissions generation that has been in place
since 2014.

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Since 2014 we have increased our share of operating waste diverted from landfill from 45% to 47%, as we continue to drive our asset teams to improve recycling practices.

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As a procurer of large amounts of building products and materials, we have significant influence on the sustainability integrity of our supply chain. This represents a major opportunity for the Group’s Design & Construction, and Operations to innovate their role towards a better future.  

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Designing for a Resilient Future

We are actively designing our new and redeveloped assets to be resilient against the impacts of climate change. It is our vision to find the harmonious balance between functionality, commerciality and sustainability.

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