100 Jobs in 100 Hours

  • Connecting local people with local jobs.

    In partnership with the Apprenticeship Careers Australia, Westfield Parramatta hosted a ‘100 Jobs in 100 Hours’ event aimed at connecting local youth with local jobs.

    "In order to support the local community across every aspect of their lives, we partnered with Apprenticeship Careers Australia to help connect local businesses with local jobseekers."

    Linda Lichaa, Brand Experience Assistant, Westfield Parramatta

    “To drive awareness and interest we promoted the event ahead of time on social media and created energy in centre on the day by activating the event with music, live performances, Parramatta Eels player appearances and giveaways.”

    The event was a great success with over 300 people passing through the exhibit and connecting with the Business Chamber through on-the-spot job interviews and benefiting from career advice. From that, 73 formal job applications were passed on from Apprenticeship Careers Australia to local businesses with registered job vacancies.

    "It’s great to see big enterprises like Westfield committed to supporting local communities and grassroot employment programs."

    Sam Kelly, Apprenticeship Support 

    Linda finishes, “The event aligned with our strategy of creating destination energy by delivering best-in-class curated lifestyle experiences, and will hopefully result in individuals securing employment, which is a huge win for them personally and our community at large.”

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