Investor Engagement

Scentre Group is committed to industry best practice in investor relations. Our Continuous Disclosure and Communication policy underlines our commitment to providing investors and the market with high quality, relevant and accurate information in a timely manner to enable Group securities to trade in a market which is efficient, competitive and informed. We are committed to complying with our continuous disclosure obligations. The policy includes a vetting and authorisation process to ensure that disclosures are factual, complete and objective.  

We strive to keep all our investors and the investment community well-informed by providing regular updates on our financial performance and strategic priorities via our investor roadshows, our annual general meeting, half-yearly results presentations, ongoing media announcements and updates, webcasts, asset visits and one-on-one
investor meetings.   

"We believe that our sustainability disclosures assist investors to form a view about our approach to dealing with non-financial aspects of performance."   

Scentre Group annually updates its sustainability report and submissions to investor-led sustainability surveys. These surveys include the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), which benchmarks our performance on environmental, social and governance aspects of performance with industry and geographical peers, and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) survey which is used by global companies to report on climate-related risks, opportunities and performance.  

We maintain regular communications with our joint-venture partners to ensure we share all relevant details relating to the management, development opportunities and financial performance of our jointly held assets. We respond to information requests and provide regular reports on the environmental performance of the assets we manage.  

In addition, we review and provide feedback on independent sustainability assessments to ensure the investors who use these services have adequate information to rely on in order to integrate environmental, social and governance aspects of performance in their investment decision-making process.

Financial Resilience

Scentre Group’s results for 2017 demonstrate its stable financial position and capital structure that continues to generate a consistent investment return performance. As at 31 December 2017, the Group’s portfolio of 39 assets had a combined value of $51 billion, increasing by $5.3 billion since 2016.

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